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Carbon neutral coffee brews at QNCC for Conference PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Miércoles 05 de Diciembre de 2012 19:52





Fahad Bin Mohammed Al-Attiya receives a bag of coffee from René Castro-Salazar

It is the world’s first carbon neutral coffee, and it received some high-level recognition at COP18/CMP8 Doha at a light-hearted event on Wednesday.

The coffee, from the Dota valley of Costa Rica, is grown by a cooperative of about 800 farmers. They use methods that mean that the greenhouse gas emissions that are usually created in the production, transport and sale of the coffee are reduced and offset to zero.

This carbon neutral policy has earned it the PAS2060 specification of the British Standards Institution.

At a symbolic presentation in Qatar National Convention Centre, Fahad Bin Mohammed Al-Attiya, the Chairman of the Organising Sub-Committee of COP18/CMP8, received a bag of Dota coffee from René Castro-Salazar, the Costa Rican Environment Minister.

The event took place around a coffee-vending machine in the media centre. There was plenty of banter and many cups of Dota coffee were poured. Mr. Castro-Salazar spoke glowingly of the coffee, which is available from various machines at the QNCC. Donation boxes next to these ask for “a buck a cup”. The money goes to the charity Reach Out To Asia.

Other dignitaries at the event were Reda Ibrahim Ali, the project director of COP18/CMP8 Doha; Gloria Abraham Peralta, the Costa Rican Agriculture Minister, and Luis Alberto Guillén Downing, the Costa Rican Ambassador to Qatar.

At the end of the event Mr. Al-Attiya thanked Mr. Castro-Salazar for his support for Qatar’s organisation of the climate change conference.

For more details see www.coopedota.com

(Información tomada de la página Web: http://www.cop18.qa/en-us/News/SingleStory.aspx?ID=248 )




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