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The Cooperativa  de Cafiicultores de Dota R.L. was founded on October 14 of 1960 by 96 producers, all with an entrepreneurial spirit, with an initial capital of ¢ 116.000.00 and an initial production of 3900 “fanegas”. Today we have 769 members and an average production of 65,000 fanegas in the last 3 harvests.

According to the statutes of the cooperative, its purpose is to collaborate with the development of all activities that relate to the production of coffee in each area, such as the cultivation, wet process, industrialization and marketing of coffee for exportation or national consumption. This is done with the aim of offering the members of Coopedota the best liquidation prices for their coffee.

The following are considered the cooperatives main objectives:

  1. Develop all activities related to production, harvesting, industrialization and marketing of coffee to obtain better services and benefits for the members of the co-op. 
  2. Promote trade and consumption of coffee produced by Coopedota, both nationally and internationally.
  3. Produce, manufacture and purchase raw materials and any other property that is necessary and useful to its members. 
  4. Collaborate with other institutions to provide agricultural or industrial assistance to improve the techniques of cultivation.
  5. Propel the development of any activity aimed at meeting the needs of members, without the profit motive, with the aim of reducing costs and providing facilities for their members.
  6. Undertake any other service in relation to the scope of the activities of its partners, deemed necessary to develop, in order to seek the greatest benefit to them and to their own communities.
  7. Promote the spirit of mutual help among its partners.
  8. Seek to improve economic and social development of the area, with the creation of social services, to improve day by day the level of cultural and technical partners and establish relationships with other cooperative organizations (as per Regulations of the Cooperative).


Coopedota R.L. is a company committed to the social economy of coffee producers in the area of Los Santos, dedicated to production and marketing of green and roasted high quality coffee for national and international markets, developed with an environmentally clean process, supporting their associates with the required services and training, motivating its employees and contributing to regional development.


A strong, efficient and competent company; leader in the quality of their products, with sustainable development, in harmony with the environment, meeting the expectations of members and customers.


Vista panorámica de Santa María de Dota

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    Name: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota R.L. (Limited Liability)
    Name: CoopeDota R.L.
    Legal Identification number: 3-004-075679-27
    Address: North side of the Plaza de Deportes, Santa María de Dota, San Jose.

    Principles that govern CoopeDota RL

    CoopeDota R.L. regulates their activities in accordance with the following principles:

    1. Voluntary and open affiliation
    2. Democratic management by members
    3. Economic participation of members
    4. Autonomy and independence
    5. Education, training and information
    6. Cooperation among cooperatives
    7. Concern for the community

    Integration of Bodies

    Roberto Mata Naranjo

    Members of the Board of Directors
    Period May 2008 - May 2009

    Luis Gerardo Ureña ureña
    Víctor Julio Chacón Zúñiga
    Johel Monge Leiva
    Luis Fernando Chacón Monge
    Camilo Solís Arguedas
    Bernal Romero Madrigal
    Miguel Hernández Rivera
    Marcia Monge Cordero 
    Martín Hernández Romero

    Members of the Supervisory Committee
    Period May 2008 - May 2009
    Luis Gerardo Retana
    Carlos Solís Fallas
    Roger Camacho Romero 

    Members of the Education and Social Welfare Committee
    Period May 2008 - May 2009

    Anselmo Camacho Romero
    Arturo Elizondo Ureña
    Deyanira Barrantes